LED Drivers

LED Drivers from one of the UKs largest specialists in power conversion products. PowerPax LED drivers can be found in the 4 main product categories below. These are Indoor use LED drivers. Our indoor LED Driver range includes standard, mains dimmabled LED Drivers and UK plug in LED drivers. Outdoor use LED drivers come next (Ranges found in the outdoor LED drivers ranges can be used indoors or outdoors). Next is our PCB mounting range of LED Drivers which we offer DIP and SMD package options for and finally our 12vdc input LED drivers

PowerPax offer a wide selection of constant voltage LED drivers. The most common of these provide 12vdc, 24vdc and 36vdc outputs. Constant voltage LED drivers maintain a fixed regulated output voltage, no matter what the load is drawing in terms of current. We also offer constant current LED drivers. Constant Current drivers maintain a fixed output current and the forward voltage is able to fluctuate within a specified range. The most typical ratings for constant current LED drivers are 350mA, 500mA,700mA, and 1050mA, although other less common ratings such as 1400mA and 1750mA are also available

A core area for PowerPax is our Dimmable LED drivers. There are 3 mains types of dimmable LED drivers, these being 1-10VDC dimmable LED Drivers, PWM Signal LED Drivers and Resistance dimming drivers. Some of our Dimmable LED Driver ranges such as our LPF series feature 3 in 1 dimming functionality. The LPF series of LED driver can be found in our outdoor use LED driver section