DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converters from one of the UKs largest specialists in power conversion. This page provides an overview of our core ranges of DC-DC Convverters including unregulated DC-DC Converters, Wide Input Regulated DC-DC Converters and High Power DC-DC Converters. DC-DC converter is a collective term for any product that will change a source of direct current from one voltage on its input side, to another on the output side. You can get single, dual or triple output DC DC Converters and these products are widely used in a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic products, such as IT, security and automotive applications. PowerPax offer a range of DC-DC Converters including fixed input type where the input is from a fixed single input voltage (such as 5vdc, or 12vdc for example), wide input regulated DC-DC converters where the device can take its input from a wider spectrum (for example our part number 20PURB2405LD is a 20W DIP DC-DC Converter and has an ultra-wide 9vdc – 36vdc input range). We also offer DC DC switching regulators in a T0-220 package which run very cool removing the need to add a heat sink. These DC DC switching regulators are designed as high efficiency replacements to linear regulators without the need for a heatsink. We also offer high power industrial DC-DC Converters.

This page is a gateway to an extremely wide range of DC-DC Converter products. All PowerPax DC DC converters are energy efficient, very reliable and meet latest safety requirements for world use. PowerPax are UK based specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of DC-DC Converters, trading since August 2000. We can full offer application notes and technical assistance for any DC-DC convertor in our range and we hope that this page serves as a useful gateway to our DC-DC Convertor series. We pride ourselves on offering the fastest production and delivery times in the industry and in the case of our PCB mount DC-DC Converters offer very aggressive pricing on units with industry standard footprints More information on DC DC Converter types and usage can be found by clicking on the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC-to-DC_converter.